5 reasons why your company should use a recruitment agency

why it is worth using a recruitment agency

There is a vacancy in your company. You have opened recruitment. Applications started pouring in to the company email. You’ve spent long hours looking through the CVs you’ve received, you’ve conducted dozens of interviews, and just when you thought you’d found the perfect candidate, he withdraws and you have to start all over again. You’re browsing apps again, making calls again, arranging meetings again. Recruitment is a never-ending story. What if you entrusted the entire process to someone else? Here are 5 reasons why it is worth using the help of a professional recruitment agency!

Recruitment agency – what does it actually do?

A recruitment agency is a company that deals with comprehensive recruitment on behalf of clients, i.e. companies interested in employing one or several employees for specific positions. The agency employs only experts with extensive experience in the field of employee acquisition:

recruiters who supervise the recruitment process, i.e. publish advertisements, select CVs, prepare recruitment tasks and conduct interviews

headhunters whose task is to acquire high-level employees and specialists.

They usually have psychological or sociological education, have extensive knowledge of the specific industry in which the company commissioning the recruitment operates, are able to reliably assess candidates and know recruitment techniques perfectly. Moreover, they are open, creative, communicative, professional and fully committed to their work

Saving time and resources above all.

Recruitment is a process. It requires time, effort, commitment and specific resources. Delegating tasks related to acquiring a new employee to an internal human resources department may translate into delays in the implementation of other duties – those they deal with on a daily basis. This, in turn, may significantly disrupt the normal functioning of the company. Entrusting the process to an external entity saves significant time and valuable resources. Employees can fully focus on their daily work. If you decide to carry out recruitment on your own, you are exposed to high costs. If you hire the wrong employee or the employee terminates the contract soon after the start of cooperation, your company will lose the money invested in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, this problem affects many entrepreneurs. This is due to inadequate preparation for the process and the inability to match the offer to the candidate. The recruitment agency, thanks to its experience and specialized tools, reduces the risk of making a bad decision to an absolute minimum.

recruitment agency

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You will acquire the best employees.

The recruitment agency has access to a wide database of candidates. In addition, it has specialized tools that enable meticulous candidate selection. Recruiters and headhunters can effectively match a candidate to a given position. They easily determine the needs and motivations of potential employees, ask pertinent questions during qualification interviews and quickly verify all application documents. Thanks to them, your company can acquire perfectly matched employees – those who will perfectly fit into the company’s organizational culture and help the company achieve its business goals

Recruitment at the highest level = better image of the company on the labor market

A good image on the labor market is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, a company that conducts recruitment inappropriately creates black PR for itself. Lack of feedback after a job interview or an inappropriately prepared job advertisement – such things expose the company to negative opinions, which may disturb its positive image on the labor market and hinder effective recruitment in the future. Working with an experienced recruitment agency will help you avoid these problems. The agency will present your company in a professional manner. Specialists will prepare a complete and attractive job advertisement, ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and will not leave any interested party unanswered. Their involvement in the process will undoubtedly help you build the image of a good employer.

Invaluable support in difficult recruitment processes.

Sometimes the requirements for a future employee are very high, and the internal HR department has no experience in conducting such complex and difficult recruitment processes. Another difficulty is often the limited availability of high-level specialists. The need to reach such candidates can significantly complicate the entire process. In such a situation, the best thing you can do is to work with a professional recruitment agency.


Ultimately, you will decide who you will employ

Recruitment outsourcing does not mean losing control over who you hire into your company. The agency’s task is to comprehensively carry out the entire recruitment process and select the best candidate – one who perfectly meets your requirements. The final decision whether you hire him or not is up to you. In other words, by working with an agency, you save time, money and resources, gain a chance to recruit an outstanding employee, and at the same time do not lose control over the entire process. Recruitment is not a problem. The real challenge is to do it effectively and achieve the set goal, i.e. hiring the right employee! That’s why it’s worth using the help of a recruitment agency. Thanks to it, even the most difficult process will be successful!

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