How is technology changing recruitment? Trends that every company should be aware of

Modern technologies are transforming the face of contemporary business. Innovative tools and programs simplify many tedious tasks, thus supporting the company in various areas, such as HR. How does technology affect recruitment?

Remote recruitments are becoming increasingly popular.

he days when candidates had to go to the company’s office holding paper resumes are long gone. Today, online recruitment reigns supreme. We have become accustomed to submitting job documents electronically. This is thanks to the development of modern technologies that are revolutionizing the approach to conducting business. Without a doubt, the HR industry has also been influenced by innovations, and the pandemic has forced employers to change their approach to recruitment. It can be said that the global crisis caused by the pandemic acted as a driving force for changes in the job market (at least it did some good). Online recruitments have become a permanent part of the modern HR industry.

Automation in recruitment

Technologically advanced HR Tech tools have started gaining popularity, not only positively affecting the speed and effectiveness of acquiring new employees but also facilitating the daily work of recruiters and ensuring a higher level of security throughout the process, especially for candidates.

The automation of recruitment primarily involves the use of applications through special recruitment forms. Integrated recruitment platforms automate repetitive tasks related to selecting the ideal candidate. The first ‘screening’ of candidates is done by the computer based on predefined algorithms, rejecting applications that do not meet the required criteria. These forms allow for a more precise selection of potential employees and significantly reduce the duration of the recruitment process.

modern technlogy

Technology in recruitment – AI algorithms

Technological evolution is happening before our eyes. There are increasingly advanced technological solutions based on artificial intelligence. AI algorithms in recruitment can assist in the analysis and assessment of candidates’ skills. They can predict their fit with the company’s organizational culture and estimate potential future job performance.

Recruiting on social media: How to reach Generation Y and Z candidates

The presence of Generation Y and Z representatives in the job market has forced employers to change their approach to finding new employees. Recruiting on social media is gaining popularity. Social media platforms are an important part of the lives of Generation Z and millennials. Members of both generations are active on social platforms. Today, not only LinkedIn matters in the recruitment process, but also Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Brands willingly post job advertisements on social media and actively search for candidates there. Social media is like a valuable source of knowledge about potential employees.

Remote assessment center sessions

Assessment center is one of the final stages of recruitment, conducted using specialized programs and communicators. The best candidates are invited to the meeting, where they must face specific tasks assessing their competencies. It is a kind of simulation of future work.

Companies are increasingly conducting assessment center sessions remotely. Some of the undeniable advantages of such a solution include:

  • Flexibility in terms of location and timing of sessions,
  • The ability to recruit candidates from around the world,
  • Reduced stress and greater comfort for candidates, which affects their performance during the sessions,
  • Shorter waiting times for results.
Remote assessment center sessions

The Benefits of Modern HR

The use of modern technology in the recruitment process primarily allows reaching the most talented candidates. Thanks to automated questionnaires, the verification of applications becomes easier and more efficient. Innovative tools facilitate the work of recruiters and significantly shorten the duration of the entire recruitment process. Furthermore, they can have a positive impact on the candidate experience, build a strong external employer brand, and portray the company as modern and forward-thinking. Flexibility is also essential, and the use of modern technology in recruitment provides that. Candidates can quickly and easily apply for job offers online, qualification interviews take place on special online platforms, and assessment center tests proceed smoothly and without major issues.

Utilizing modern technology is a way to align with the recruitment trends prevailing in the contemporary job market and better meet the needs of both businesses and candidates. Therefore, every corporation should implement these technologies today to enjoy spectacular results in a short time.

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