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The global artificial intelligence market reached $136.6 billion in 2022. It is estimated that by 2030, this value will reach even $1811.8 billion. Artificial intelligence is developing at an incredible pace. More and more entrepreneurs are recognizing its potential in business and are eager to use it in various areas of operation – including HR departments. How can AI support recruitment processes? How to use this advanced technology? Is it really worth it? Today about AI in recruitment!

A few words about AI:

The term “Artificial Intelligence” was first heard in 1956 thanks to American computer scientist John McCarthy, who used the term during a conference dedicated to intelligent machines. McCarthy described artificial intelligence as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.” Even in the 1950s, McCarthy created the first programming language for artificial intelligence research (LISP). In the 1960s, the first industrial robot appeared, and by the late 1980s, the first advisory system was released, utilizing an advanced expert system with over 3,000 rules. In 2003, NASA sent two rovers to Mars that moved across the planet’s surface without human intervention, and in 2011, Siri was created as the first virtual assistant, which continues to serve Apple device users to this day. Recent years have been marked by the dynamic development of AI. Numerous advanced tools have appeared, also useful in business—including in recruitment.

Is it worth using AI in recruitment?

Acquiring and employing the right candidates is one of the most important aspects of any company’s operations. The future of the company—its development and chances of success in the industry—indeed depends on its workforce. Therefore, recruitments should be conducted thoughtfully and precisely. It is no wonder that HR specialists are increasingly keen to use advanced tools based on artificial intelligence. AI supports, improves, and optimizes each stage of the recruitment process, saving a lot of time. Artificial intelligence can enhance the quality of recruitment by acquiring the best employees—matched to the specifics of the position, with the right qualifications and experience. This can translate into reduced employee turnover and savings in the long-term perspective. Moreover, AI tools minimize the risk of errors that can occur during manual verification of candidate applications.

Chat AI

AI in recruitment – supporting the process from the very beginning

We can use the potential of artificial intelligence right from the start of recruitment. The first stage of the process is research, which—as we well know—is incredibly time-consuming and demanding. Research is nothing other than familiarizing oneself with the specifics of the position, the market, and reviewing potential candidates. Tools that utilize AI can significantly streamline the first stage of recruitment. Thanks to advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence allows for the creation of an objective and well-matched model of the ideal candidate. Artificial intelligence precisely scans CVs and other sources of information, such as professional profiles on social media or online portfolios, thereby determining whether a candidate has the qualifications and experience necessary for the position. In other words, AI is capable of analyzing a vast amount of information and thus identifying the best candidates that meet the company’s requirements. Besides analyzing submitted applications, AI can also search for passive candidates, who—according to data—make up as much as 75% of potential candidates.

AI in recruitment – chatbots

An incredibly useful and interesting AI tool useful in recruitment are chatbots. Advanced chatbots support the company in acquiring, selecting, and conversing with candidates in real-time. In other words, they can conduct a preliminary interview with a candidate, facilitating the initial selection. Of course, they are not able to replace traditional conversation with a living person, but they undoubtedly influence the candidate experience, which is of great importance in recruitment processes.

The chatbot interacts with the candidate using chat on a website, on social media, or in a dedicated messenger, asking specific questions or sending information about the position or the company.


AI and Job Searching – How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Candidates?

AI supports not only recruiters but also candidates. Tools using artificial intelligence can generate a resume based on a specified job position, find a job offer tailored to the skills, experience, and preferences of the candidate, optimize a CV for specific positions, or generate a cover letter.

AI is the future of recruitment! Tools using artificial intelligence streamline individual stages, save a lot of time, and improve the quality and efficiency of the entire process. There is no doubt that it is worth using them!

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