External recruitment as a development strategy: how to ensure continuous growth and expansion of the company?

Only 36% of companies use internal recruitment, which involves promoting or searching for candidates for other positions within the company. External recruitment, or acquiring candidates from outside, is much more popular. According to experts, this is a good way to ensure continuous growth and expansion of the company. Why? How can external recruitment support the development of enterprises?

What is external recruitment?

External recruitment involves searching for candidates outside the company. It usually consists of several stages – posting the job advertisement and accepting applications, preliminary selection, job interviews and recruitment tasks, further selection and possibly more interviews, and finally choosing the candidate. External recruitment typically involves an HR specialist (either the company’s HR department or external recruitment experts, also known as recruitment outsourcing), as well as a manager or another higher-level individual, such as a team leader, supervisor, department director, or employer.

Various methods and tools are used in external recruitment. Recruiters most often post job offers on dedicated portals such as pracuj.pl or rocketjobs.pl, as well as on social media. Some actively search for employees, primarily on social networking sites like LinkedIn, directly writing to people with the appropriate professional profiles and experience – this includes direct search and executive search. External recruitment also involves posting job ads through employment offices and referral systems.

External recruitment is a valuable tool in effective business management, especially in the pursuit of comprehensive enterprise development. Why?

Greater chance of finding the right candidate

What distinguishes external from internal recruitment is the significantly broader audience. The company is not limited to only those already employed but opens up to new candidates. External recruitment is a chance to reach many diverse candidates. It’s an effective way to attract talent – exceptionally gifted individuals with excellent qualifications, extensive experience, and extraordinary knowledge. Acquiring the best employees eliminates the risk of stagnation and increases the chances for comprehensive business development.

right candidate

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Company

Often, the cause of stagnation in a company is the repetition of scenarios and ideas. Employees do not come up with new initiatives, they stick to worn patterns, and thus limit the possibilities for the company’s development. External recruitment can solve this problem. It is undeniable that new employees—especially those diverse in experiences, characters, and energy—bring new ideas, different perspectives on many issues, a powerful dose of inspiration, and fresh potential. Individuals recruited from outside can help solve problems that have remained unresolved, effectively limiting the company’s efficient development. They can identify areas that function well and those that need improvement. They can motivate and inspire other employees, providing them with valuable knowledge and skills.

New people make a significant contribution to the company’s operations. To specify—employees recruited from outside can strengthen the company, enhance its competitiveness, facilitate the achievement of business goals, and help expand into other markets.

External Recruitment Opens Many Business Doors

Every person who has been in the job market for some time has their network of business contacts, resulting from previous professional experiences. Recruiting candidates from outside is a chance to access these contacts and open new doors on the business path.


The Recipe for Successful External Recruitment

According to statistics, as many as 3 out of 4 companies fail in recruitment related to hiring the wrong employee. Therefore, to be successful, it is necessary to fully engage in the recruitment process. Job advertisements must be clear, attractive, and complete. They should contain all the necessary information regarding employment conditions, requirements for the position, and the responsibilities of the future employee. What attracts candidates are the salary brackets. It is worthwhile to post the offer on various job portals—general and industry-specific.

It is also worth directly reaching out to candidates, for example, through LinkedIn. Nearly 60% of recruiters declare that they find the most promising candidates on social media.

It is important to remember that external recruitment is a good opportunity to build the image of a good and reliable employer in the job market. Therefore, it is worth maintaining the highest professionalism at every stage of the process.

Continuous search for development directions is the pillar of the functioning of every company that wants to achieve spectacular success in the industry. Stagnation does not guarantee satisfying results. The chances for the development of a company largely depend on its employees. Thus, external recruitment can be a valuable tool on the path to continuous growth and expansion of the company. It’s a chance to bring new ideas and skills into the company!

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