Job interview online – how to make a good impression? Golden tips from recruiters.

Not long ago, almost all job interviews were conducted in person. Modern-day recruitment looks completely different. An increasing number of companies practice online meetings. Undoubtedly, the pandemic had a significant impact on this shift, redefining many aspects of the job market. The ban on face-to-face meetings forced employers to change their recruitment habits. Even though the pandemic is long behind us, online interviews have become a permanent fixture in the HR landscape. Have you received an invitation for an online job interview? This article is for you! Today, we’ll discuss how to make a good impression during an online job interview and land your dream job.

Online job interviews are a hallmark of the 21st-century recruitment process

Online job interviews are meetings with recruiters conducted using a special video platform. Among the most popular platforms are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The recruiter invites the candidate to the meeting via phone or email and sends them a link to the video platform. The candidate, at the designated time, joins the meeting by clicking on the link they received.

The process of an online job interview is no different from a traditional face-to-face meeting. In both cases, the goal is to assess whether the candidate meets the requirements specified in the job posting and to discuss the specific working conditions.

Do you think that simply turning on your communication software and setting up your laptop camera properly will be enough, and the rest will somehow work out? “Somehow” it might, but we doubt that you want to settle for mediocrity. The key to success is preparation!

Familiarize Yourself with the Platform

First and foremost, take some time to familiarize yourself with the platform on which the meeting will take place. It’s a good idea to have a practice conversation with someone you know well. Testing the program in practice is the best way to understand its features.

A Stable Internet Connection is Vital

magine that you’ve been talking to the recruiter for several minutes, everything is going smoothly, and you even think you’re doing quite well, when suddenly… you lose your internet connection, and the conversation is interrupted. Both of you waste time, and when you reconnect, it’s hard to regain the same flow you had at the beginning. Frustrating, isn’t it?

If your home often has internet issues, consider asking a friend if you can use their place or internet connection. Otherwise, inform the recruiter if you have a weak internet connection and that the connection may drop. Of course, skip this information if the recruitment is for remote work. In that case, prioritize having a good internet connection.

If you plan to use a laptop or phone, make sure they are fully charged. For added security, you can keep the charger connected.

online meeting

“Ensure the right frame and… order in the background.

What the recruiter sees on their screen during an online meeting says a lot about you. If there’s chaos behind you, the interlocutor may perceive you as lazy, undisciplined, and sloppy. This, in turn, can affect your chances of being hired.

Prepare your environment well for the meeting. Ensure order behind you. The background should be neutral and not distracting. Adjust the device to the incoming light in the room, and pay attention to the camera angle. The recruiter should clearly see your face.

The best place for conducting an online job interview is a private office or room. If you don’t have access to such a place, try to find the most secluded spot at home and inform your household members that you will be talking to the recruiter.

Your appearance also matters.

An online meeting doesn’t exempt you from the need to prepare the right attire. At least the top half of your outfit – after all, you will be visible from the waist up. 🙂 Clothing affects the first impression. If it’s inappropriate, you could lose a lot.

Even if the company you’re applying to doesn’t have a dress code, you should still take care of your appearance. Opt for a neat, business-like look.

Remember the basic rules of etiquette.

The same etiquette rules that apply to traditional, in-person meetings also apply to online job interviews – well, maybe excluding handshakes, which can be replaced by a subtle nod.

First and foremost, pay attention to your gestures and facial expressions. Avoid avoiding eye contact, nervousness, fiddling with a pen, or glancing at your phone – these are impolite and unprofessional behaviors that not only distract from the candidate’s verbal message but also negatively impact their image.

Maintain high personal etiquette. Be polite, don’t interrupt the recruiter, listen carefully to your interlocutor, and respond to questions in a straightforward manner. Avoid excessive talkativeness and arrogance. Smile and maintain a positive attitude.”

job interview

“Be on time and… let’s begin!

Punctuality is a sign of respect! Being late is very unprofessional and often counts against a candidate right from the start – whether it’s an online or in-person meeting.

Sit down at your computer well in advance, don’t turn on the device at the last minute. Leave yourself a few minutes of buffer time – unexpected system updates, technical issues, or other situations can’t be predicted, but you can prepare for them. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you can’t join the meeting at the designated time, be sure to inform the recruiter.

Before the interview, mute your phone and turn off the TV. Remind your household members about the meeting once again and, if possible, close the door to the room.

The job interview is an important stage of recruitment.

Let’s summarize everything we’ve learned. Before an online meeting with a recruiter, familiarize yourself with the platform, check your internet connection, and charge your laptop (or any other device you’ll be using for the conversation). Find a secluded place at home, set up the camera properly, and ensure a tidy background. Prepare a business-appropriate outfit. Remember to behave professionally and respectfully. Listen carefully to the recruiter, respond to questions in a straightforward manner, and try to maintain a positive attitude. And most importantly, don’t be late!

The job interview – even online – is the most crucial stage of the entire recruitment process. Your chances of being hired by the company you applied to largely depend on it. Even prestigious degrees and impressive experience won’t help if you come across as unprofessional during the interview. Keep that in mind!

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