The role of LinkedIn in career building

LinkedIn is an unusual social networking site. You won’t find vacation photos here, learn what your friends had for breakfast, or brag about the birthday gift you received. However, you can make interesting business contacts, read surprising industry news, meet inspiring experts, and see what professional steps people in the same industry as you are taking. LinkedIn is a valuable tool in the job market. Today, let’s discuss the role of LinkedIn in career building.

The LinkedIn Phenomenon

Today, social media is not only a place for maintaining social contacts and a space to share daily life, passions, and views. It is also a great business tool that plays an essential role in shaping one’s position in the job market.

With over 900 million users from more than 200 countries, available in 26 languages, 58 million companies, and over 8 million applications submitted daily—LinkedIn is breaking popularity records worldwide. This international social networking site was founded to facilitate making professional and business contacts. The service allows users to post job offers, search for candidates, and… build their own professional profile, which—as it turns out—can be a valuable tool on the career path. LinkedIn is an excellent place to manage your professional identity, build a network of contacts, and look for jobs.

New Professional Opportunities with LinkedIn

Every second, 101 applications are submitted through LinkedIn, resulting in more than 8 million applications daily. Every year, LinkedIn facilitates over 3 million recruitments, and every minute, 8 people are employed.

LinkedIn offers vast professional opportunities. It allows you to maintain contacts with people you’ve worked with and establish new business acquaintances that can support you on your business journey.

Through LinkedIn, you can build your expert image. Regularly publishing substantive and interesting articles on industry topics offers unlimited possibilities for building a strong personal brand, which, in today’s incredibly competitive business world, is of great importance. A strong personal brand increases your chances of employment at the most prestigious companies, allows you to develop your professional potential on many levels, and opens the way to a great and satisfying career—not only in Poland but also on the international market.


How to Use LinkedIn for Career Building

Your LinkedIn professional profile is your business card in the job market, so it should be prepared professionally and with the utmost care. It must be complete and up-to-date. Fill in your professional experience and education thoroughly. Describe all courses, highlight valuable skills and qualifications, and boast about your professional achievements. Take care to choose the right keywords—this will increase the chance of your profile being found by industry experts, employers, and HR specialists. Remember that the way you present information about yourself and your experience is crucial. Try to present everything clearly and understandably. Complete your profile with a professional photo in high resolution.

However, merely setting up an account is not enough. To help LinkedIn assist you in building your career, you must actively use it. Follow companies that interest you, make new contacts, and maintain relationships with existing ones. However, choose wisely the people to whom you send invitations. Personalize them by providing a specific reason why you would like the person to join your contact group. A good way to increase your visibility and build a personal brand is to share posts and comment on content. You can also join industry groups where you will find discussions on new trends in the industry and interesting job offers in companies operating in the market you are interested in.

Who is LinkedIn for?

According to statistics, about 1,500 Poles create a LinkedIn account each day, which averages to 45,000 new accounts per month. This means that currently, there are over 5 million Polish users on the platform, confirming its immense popularity.

In January 2022, the most Polish users on LinkedIn were active in the IT and manufacturing sectors. However, the portal is a good place for representatives of almost all market branches—from marketing and e-commerce, through the real estate industry, to representatives of the world of science and education.

LinkedIn can be used by anyone who wants to develop their career. It is a portal aimed at people at various professional levels—owners of small and large companies, “ordinary” employees, students, and people who are just entering the job market.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool in today’s job market. Create an account and be active, which will increase your chances of building a spectacular professional career!

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