What languages are worth knowing to get a good job and earn a substantial amount of money?

Multilingualism is an undeniable asset in the job market. Knowledge of foreign languages facilitates obtaining a well-paid, promising job and opens the door to an international career. English is an absolute must-have. But what other languages are worth learning? If you want to spread your wings in the job market, this article is for you! We present which languages are worth knowing to get a great job and a satisfying salary.

Learning foreign languages is a good investment in personal development

Using only your native language is definitely not enough in today’s job market. Employers are increasingly paying attention to employees’ multilingualism. By not investing in learning foreign languages, you close the door to a spectacular professional career that can guarantee you not only great experiences, unconventional challenges, and international prestige, but also exceptional earnings, which will allow you to develop in many other areas and, importantly, live at a high level.

Knowledge of foreign languages opens many doors on your career path. It is primarily a chance to get a more promising and prestigious job, often in an international company, and earn more.

It’s worth remembering that multilingualism is valued not only in the international job market but also in our native Polish market. Today, in the era of globalization and open borders, more and more Polish companies are cooperating with foreign partners, contractors, and suppliers. Poland also welcomes many foreigners. Knowledge of foreign languages is crucial. The ability to use a foreign language offers greater development opportunities on the Polish market.

Knowing foreign languages allows for work in various corners of the world. Thanks to this, one can try “workation,” a model that combines traveling with remote work.

Industries where knowledge of a foreign language is most important

According to Pracuj.pl data, even one in three recruitment advertisements requires at least basic knowledge of English. This only confirms how important multilingualism is in today’s job market. However, there are industries where the ability to use a foreign language is almost a necessity. Among them, we primarily list the IT industry, SSC/BPO, i.e., all outsourcing services, tourism, sales, and HR. Knowledge of foreign languages is also useful in marketing, logistics, or e-commerce.


English is a must-have

According to the Pracuj.pl report, as many as 88% of working Poles declare knowledge of English, with 60% at at least an intermediate level. Having communicative English skills is an absolute must-have in today’s multicultural job market. English is a global language, used in many corners of the world. According to statistics, as many as 1.6 billion people use it. It is utilized in most global corporations.

Other languages worth knowing

What besides English? Undoubtedly, European languages lead the way. In the job market, you’ll find numerous offers requiring German, as many Polish companies have been developing business cooperation not only with Germany but also with Switzerland and Austria – hence the high demand for German language skills.

The third popular language in the job market is French, sought after not only by French and international companies but also by institutions associated with the European Union administration. Spanish is equally popular, used not just in Spain but also in Central and South American countries, as is Italian. In recent years, there has also been a significant increase in job offers requiring Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, and Norwegian.

It’s also beneficial to learn Norwegian, Dutch, and Swedish.

How to learn languages effectively?

Primarily with diligence and full commitment! Participating in a language course offered by a specialized educational institution is a good idea. Many companies offer the opportunity to take business language lessons, which is extremely helpful in the professional market.

Another solution is individual lessons with a native speaker, a person for whom the language is native. Lessons with a native speaker are a good choice for those who have already mastered the language to some extent.

You can also learn languages on your own. The internet offers plenty of free or paid lessons, guides, and other self-study materials. Knowledge can also be sought in traditional textbooks and books. Dedicated apps, which explain language issues in a simple and clear manner and present useful vocabulary, have also become very popular recently.

To master a foreign language, it’s beneficial to watch foreign movies and TV channels, listen to foreign YouTubers and podcasters, read books and magazines.

By investing in learning foreign languages, you invest in your professional development! Multilingualism increases your chances in the job market. It is an undeniable asset that distinguishes you from other candidates and opens the door to a great career – both in the Polish and international markets. Learn foreign languages!

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